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David Scott – Acting Comedy

David has previously tutored at StageWise.

David Scott - Improv - StageWise - The Performing Arts Camp For TeensDavid Scott is an Australian born actor, writer and director and acting teacher. He has worked extensively as a professional actor in both Australia and Ireland on television, Stage and film, appearing in such programs as “All Saints”, “Water Rats” and “Home and Away” in Australia, and “The Clinic”, “Fair City”, “Damage” and “The Tudors” since arriving in Ireland in 2004. David teaches at the Gaiety School of Acting, Backstage Academy of the Performing Arts and has taught many short courses for Drama and Theatre organisations across Ireland.

In 2006 he founded Company D Theatre, a theatre company and advanced training facility to assist trained actors in gaining production experience. Company D has produced five plays, “Tonight We Kill God”, “The Repeated Bombing of Philip Boucher-Hayes”, “The Celtic Spider” and “Luurrvv”, all written by David, and “The Intruder” by Maurice Maeterlinck.

David’s training method centres around the search for truth in character using the methods of Constantin Stanislavski coupled with his own methods of physical characterisation, vocal training and improvisation. Together, these ideas gel to create a technique that draws sustained, powerful and truthful performances from his students.

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