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STAGEWISE Announces School Musical Awards Scheme!

We at STAGEWISE are delighted to officially launch the first ever National STAGEWISE School Musical Awards Scheme!

For this year, we are just running one category Nationally: Post Primary Schools. We are very excited about this venture that will commence immediately. Shows will be adjudicated from now right up to Easter 2020!

Prior to your opening performance, all participating schools must have sent on a completed application form along with the adjudication fee of ā‚¬130 to our address two weeks in advance of opening night. This fee is to cover adjudicator fee, their travel expenses and the awards ceremony that will take place next Spring.

On receipt of your application, we will acknowledge receipt of this and we will then notify you ASAP as to which performance your adjudicator will be attending and who your adjudicator is. You will be asked to reserve two programmes and one aisle seat for the adjudicator with a clear view of the stage.

After the performance, the adjudicator would like to address the students backstage, and then perhaps have a quick look around the stage. Shortly after your performance, you will receive a feedback report from the adjudicator via e-mail. This feedback report layout is the same template all schools will receive. Our team of adjudicators are fully experienced in this field.
Any adjudicator that has any link with a school will NOT be allowed to adjudicate in that particular school.

Whenever you have a DVD of your production, you MUST also send a copy of this to us so we have on file. Adjudicators will meet on a regular basis to discuss shows they have adjudicated. Next Spring when it comes to deciding nominees, nominations will be chosen from adjudicators points and ratification from the board with the aid of your DVD for any clarification needed.

All participating schools, will be sent a live video link where nominations will be announced the week after Easter holidays 2020 where your full cast and crew can gather together in the anticipation of nominations, and then nominees and fellow cast and crew members will be invited to an awards ceremony which will take place in May 2020. There will be many categories for nominations for students, including nominations for the teachers and producers who are the unsung heroes in these productions.

Cheque and application form can be posted to us, or alternatively you can send us this form via e-mail and payment can be transferred electronically – please e-mail us for our bank details.

Iā€™d like to thank you for taking the time in reading this. We are very excited about the birth of STAGEWISE School Musical Awards Scheme and to help and promote school musicals nationally. We hope your school will come onboard.

If you are registering your show for adjudication, please e-mail us ASAP to book in your show and then at your earliest convenience send on the completed application form and payment to us.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us and we will reply asap.

We wish every school the very best of luck for their next production. 

All the best,

Shane Farrell

www.stagewise.ie | info@stagewise.ie | 087 7396049