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Rowan Tolley – Mime & Movement

Rowan will be tutoring at StageWise 2017.

Rowan Tolley is Yorkshire based and has been classed as one of Britain’s most original and imaginative white faced Mimes / Physical Theatre practitioners and directors.

Influenced by Chaplin, Keaton, Tati and Beckett, and building on a training of Decroux technique, he studied in London and Paris, creating a style that has been classed as ‘Classical with a touch of the unexpected’.

A Performer, Director, Creator, and Teacher, with over 25 years professional experience, he combines touring his highly acclaimed one man show with teaching, directing, devising in both theater and film/television. Increasingly interested in the function of silence, he is a great believer in the element of risk for both performer and director.

Rowan’s method and style will seek to stretch and challenge all the participants on StageWise, where he will concentrate on the fundamental techniques of modern physical and illusionary mime – creating visual invention alongside dramatic innovation. The imagination once ignited can never be extinguished.

Major Projects in the last 12 months

  • 127 Solo One man shows England, Scotland, Wales, Portugal, France, Denmark, Iceland and Bog Lane, Ballymahon.
  • Rowan Tolley Company, ‘The Box’ performed in Bosnia and Portugal.
    Rowan Tolley Company, ‘Turf’ was performed in Longford and is due to be performed in Galway before it goes to Lisbon (Portugal) and London.
  • Directed King Lear and Henry V – Youth Theatre Productions (Shakespeare Festival)
  • 2 Month Residency at Barking and Dagenham College Creating an immersive/multimedia performance with dancers, actors, musicians, animators, media students and fashion / fine art students, which will be broadcast LIVE on Youtube.
  • A commission to create a piece of percussive physical theater with Irish dancer/choreographer Michelle Cahill and internationally acclaimed musician Brendan Murphy. TSTTA (Thirteen Steps To The Attic) will Tour Ireland in 2016/17.